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Donnybrook Gel Ballers Queensland

Gel ball skirmish and events

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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

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Who We Are?

Since opening our doors in 2017, we have become a very popular venue for people all over the South-East Queensland area to come together to socialise and play.

Whether you’re planning a day trip with your family, or are coming with friends, we give visitors of all ages the chance to enjoy themselves in a fun-filled environment as you take part in top-of-the-line gel ball skirmish, and laser skirmish games. Swing by for a visit today.

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What We Offer

What is Gel Ball Skirmish?

We offers our guests the opportunity to take part in organised team skirmish games using gel ball blasters.

Gel ball blasters are toy replicas that electrically propel small water-soaked polymer balls that safely disintegrate on impact.

The balls look and feel like firm jelly.  They start out about the size of poppy seeds, and before you get to use them, we soak them in water so that they swell to 7-8mm diameter ready for use in the blasters.


The gel balls are only one-tenth the volume of paintballs, so they have much less momentum making them safe for children to play, and leave no bruising like paintballs.


Gel balls are 99.8% water, so they are clean and environmentally friendly.


How does Gel Ball Skirmish differ from Paintball Skirmish?

Gel Ball Skirmish:

  • Is safe for children

  • Is for players of all ages

  • Eliminates oily mess on skin and clothes

  • Eliminates stains

  • Eliminates paintball residue in the environment, and

  • Is only a fraction of the price to play

YES, we hire out all gear if you want to try before you buy, or are having a group event or party.


Yes, we sell blasters and all the safety gear you will need - on-site (see below).


Yes, we repair your blasters - on site.  Just ask (see below).

We provide a safe environment, as well as fun, family activities for everyone. Stop by Donnybrook today and be prepared for an experience you’ll never forget.


Birthday Parties

Bucks Party_edited.jpg

Bucks Parties


Work Parties


Christmas Parties


Day Sessions

fire pit_edited.jpg

Night Sessions


Private Sessions

8 hours

Come and join our large scale public games for the time of your life. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, you'll see the entire field with games involving our panel fields, pine forest areas, bushland, tracks, and CQB areas.

4 hours - By booking request only

Come and join us for one of our night sessions. Bring a flashlight and come and join us under the field lights and shadows for an action-packed game that is sure to challenge even the most skilled players.

Day or night

Do you have a group of 10 or more players who want to get together for a fun-filled custom-tailored game experience? Got a few game modes in mind that might not be suitable for larger groups or players with less experience? Contact us today about how we can make this possible for you*

*Conditions apply, please inquire

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What To Bring

Some handy suggestions

Awesome! Here's what you need to bring to make sure you have a blast at the event:

  • Blasters (don't forget to pack them in a bag for safety!),

  • extra gels,

  • spare batteries,

  • battery chargers,

  • an esky full of water and drinks,

  • some snacks,

  • a hat,

  • sunscreen,

  • insect repellent, and

  • most importantly, a winning attitude! Let's go!

Home: What to Bring

Session Times

Rain, Hail, Shine or Flame

  • Sat    9am - 5pm

              6pm - 10pm [Only if booking made]

  • Sun  9am - 5pm

              6pm - 10pm [Only if booking made]

  • Fri     6pm - 10pm

Please Note Night sessions (6pm-10pm) require bookings ahead of time.


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (Additional sessions)

  • Tue   9am - 5pm

  • Thu   9am - 5pm


Home: Opening Hours


Day Sessions


Session entry $40 (BYO blaster) [Member entry is $30].

Unlimited ammo add $10 to session entry.

All-inclusive hire $50 (includes hire blaster, unlimited ammo, session entry).


CASH ONLY - No EFTPOS for any of these transactions.

Night Sessions [If bookings exist]


Session entry $25 (BYO blaster) [Member entry is $20].

Unlimited ammo add $10 to session entry.

All-inclusive hire $50 (includes hire blaster, unlimited ammo, session entry).


CASH ONLY - No EFTPOS for any of these transactions.

Contact Us

We are your one-stop-shop for child friendly skirmish and fun activities. Contact us today and learn more about our wide range of entertainment options.

215 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook, QLD, Australia

0455 616 950

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